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translation : "no sir"; "I'm just kidding";

phrase overused by dumb girls from southie after they make a stupid comment.
"You're an idiot. NOSA LOL!"
by jro November 18, 2003
Translation for "no way", "no sir", "gtfo", "you must be kiddin me", "I don't believe it", or "who fuckin cares".

It's just a word you use when someones telling a story and your pretending to be interested when your not.
Mary- I'm totally over that asshole. I busted him with another girl.

Jane- nosa
by Jfender24 March 24, 2008
like "nut-uh," but better and more logical. A perfectly legitimate slang phrase.
"Harry potter was on Hill Flicks today."

by B2 bananna May 11, 2011
adj.) Dank, dirty, dodi, dope, expensive, crunchy, fresh, tight, sick, sexy, phat, juicy, scrumptious, tasty, godly, orgasmic, stellar, etc.

the utmost positive, rewarding word to use to describe the best of anything. including time, people, things, even art.

see also: No$a
"I lit up sum kush yesterday and that shit was NOSA!" -P.M.
by P-crooks December 05, 2010
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