An elite space squadron similar to the Star Trek Borg, only compromised of rappers. Their sole purpose is invading other planets and making all those captured part of the Norg collective.
Resistance aint not futile.

Offical slogan : You wanna be a norg? Have a second cord?

by DLT May 31, 2005
A substitute for any word used at ALL..
Shut the NORG up motherNORGer!

Your mom was a NORG in 6th grade!

I like to NORG you while your sleeping.
by Justin (xmangaknightx) September 17, 2007
(n) Norg is a person whos only job is to determine the diameter blueberries in millimeters
My dream job ever since I was a young lad was to aspire to be a norg.
by norg February 08, 2013
A rude, offensive, loudmouthed, beer-swilling asshole who somehow finds a way to sleep with 70+ women who seem to find his repulsive personality somewhat attractive.
Did you see the Norg? He was chugging PBR down at Bar One while having sex with a thick asian chick who didn't even know his name!
by Anthony Flipstock July 28, 2010
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