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a girl with sagging breasts.
saggy tits
that girl has noogers.
by Natalie Banks August 31, 2007
5 2
a dark-colored piece of dried mucus in or from the nose
Dude, I picked a couple of huge noogers after working in that dusty attic all day.
by cosphonso13 November 24, 2007
38 9
The act of putting an object on your lap to cover up a boner.
I tried pulling a nooger last night while watching a movie with my girlfriend.
by Michael Litterous June 09, 2013
2 1
a person who is black and is new at an online computer game
Chichi sucks at counter strike and is the biggest nooger ever.
by geoff September 07, 2004
16 24
some word i sed wen i was high instead of nigger and it sounded fnny as hell.
Damn! That nooger smoked half the blunt.
by the high guy June 19, 2004
21 34
a nooger is a nigger who is a noob
u r such a nooger andre
by the pwnerer September 08, 2006
9 23
Any of the species of humans that have a rage towards other humans. Nooger's prefer killing by swords or other blades.
"A man was found impaled with a 58" sword. Experts say it was the work of a Nooger."
by Lord Rodericus July 30, 2003
4 23