a girl with sagging breasts.
saggy tits
that girl has noogers.
by Natalie Banks August 31, 2007
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a dark-colored piece of dried mucus in or from the nose
Dude, I picked a couple of huge noogers after working in that dusty attic all day.
by cosphonso13 November 24, 2007
The act of putting an object on your lap to cover up a boner.
I tried pulling a nooger last night while watching a movie with my girlfriend.
by Michael Litterous June 09, 2013
a person who is black and is new at an online computer game
Chichi sucks at counter strike and is the biggest nooger ever.
by geoff September 07, 2004
some word i sed wen i was high instead of nigger and it sounded fnny as hell.
Damn! That nooger smoked half the blunt.
by the high guy June 19, 2004
a nooger is a nigger who is a noob
u r such a nooger andre
by the pwnerer September 08, 2006
Any of the species of humans that have a rage towards other humans. Nooger's prefer killing by swords or other blades.
"A man was found impaled with a 58" sword. Experts say it was the work of a Nooger."
by Lord Rodericus July 30, 2003

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