A person new to a forum, that usually post pointless and needed topics and use improper grammar. They often think more highly of themselves then they really are. They often post such sentences as, "liek ur not cool but i am". Note: the two oo's in the word is part of the irony.

All he does is point pointless topics, and use understandable grammar, what a noobtard.
by DragoNferno August 15, 2003
Top Definition
Noobtards are the lowest on the food chain of internet gaming. 1) Usually associated with spawning, bots and other methods of griefing. 2) being a newb and thus totally sucking.
1. Man would you look at that noobtard over there, he's been in the same place all round.

2. Wow, that noobtard totally sucks.
by Skudd April 29, 2004
noob + retard = noobtard
<frank0> how do i register my nick ?
<Gwar> type /msg nickserv help
<frank0> whats nickserv ?
* frank0 was kicked by Gwar (whatta noobtard)
by D.a.r.k.S.t.a.r May 02, 2008
One who is new at a video game and bwlieves themselves to be "1337 H4X0125" anyway. They are characterised by the distinct ability to get themselves killed every half second. This person may be slightly retarded.
Examples of n00btard behaviour taken from actual games: "1 4m 50 1337!", "Z0m6 H4x!", "W47cH M3 D13!", "M4 50 H012ny.", "1 4m 500000 H07! 61v3 m3 g01d5!", You are a noobtard.
by general_bleh May 08, 2006
similar to being a noobcake, but not as bad. (does not require you to wear hat)
Well, if I'm a noobcake, then your a noobtard you noobtard!
by SushiQueen October 14, 2007

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