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Noobtards are the lowest on the food chain of internet gaming. 1) Usually associated with spawning, bots and other methods of griefing. 2) being a newb and thus totally sucking.
1. Man would you look at that noobtard over there, he's been in the same place all round.

2. Wow, that noobtard totally sucks.
by Skudd April 29, 2004
A female geek
"I cyber banged that geekstress up and down the chat boards ;-)"
by SKudd June 11, 2004
-Extreme happyness
I am in such trandemonium right now.
by Skudd August 19, 2003
The HAndle Of A gAWD like man Coming from the word Scud

Wind-driven clouds, mist, or rain.
A gust of wind.
Ragged low clouds, moving rapidly beneath another cloud layer
d00d SKuDD ownz joo hardcore
by SKudd June 14, 2004

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