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1. The offspring of a noob.

2. someone who is new to being a noob.
I saw you and your nooblings at the video store yesterday.
by Yah-Set February 05, 2008
A young or baby noob. These diminutive creatures tend to hang around in groups, so be careful if you accidentally prise one away from its habitat; its fellow nooblings will come after you shouting a torrent of abuse in Noobish.
Noobling1: phr33 money pl0z
Noobling2: pls gif me phr33 st00f im new 2 dis game!!111
You: No, go away
Noobling1: omg rep0rted!!
Noobling2: racist!
Noobling3: reprorted
Noobling4: ima follow u untilz u gif us fre stufzorz
by Moist_Sponge December 02, 2010
sized down noob, sometimes worse than a noob,
Ryan the man hammer, is a huge noobling, he aint got shit on me
by tommy gangsta June 01, 2006