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a condescending term that noobs who were called noobs by other noobs (nooblet) would call a noob of even lower rank (Noob > Nooblet > Nooblette). A variation of the word "nooblette" is "noobletta" which is used to make a noob feel even more like a bitch.
"Your blessed hammer only took 10 points of my life you fucking nooblette."
by Nick November 09, 2004
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Same as noob, but for a female. Also a term of endearment for a sole female gamer, who's known to be attractive.
Dan: Quit being such a nooblette.
Janie: You know you like it.
by Mack547885 July 12, 2008
A word used for an absolute idiot on an online game etc.
A noob is sumbody who is not good at a game as they only just started
A nooblette is sum1 who has been playing a long time but is still absolutely crap at it!
OMG i cant believe youve been playing this game for a year and your only level 3 you nooblette!!!
by George Ferguson October 11, 2007
female version of noob
She just ran into the instance like a nooblette!
by Sabrina82 July 25, 2006

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