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An extreme noob, someone who has annoyed a person of higher intelligence causing extreme frustration.
Stop talking to me, Claire. You are SUCH a noobical.
#noob #noob cheese #idiot #vegemite #silly
by Farmer Chow January 22, 2007
someone that is extremely bad at something and doesn't have a clue thats going on in the world and is extremely annoying
shoot the rocket at the guy you dumb ass, "Whats the shoot button" your such a noobical.
#noob #nub #dumb ass #cheese cake #stupid
by osgood1992, 14 February 18, 2008
Someone who enjoys life as a noob.
Being noobical has made me happy throughout my life.
by ThatguyfromFB March 07, 2016
A person who is bad a gaming and is invisible to people online.
This Noobical played was suppose to play with us, but when?
#noobical #noob #gaming #online #multiplayer
by ThatguyfromFB June 02, 2015
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