In cs (counter strike) it is the xm1014 auto shotgun(auto shotty). it has a fast reload and a fast fire rate. you can also stop reloading to fire off a round into the fave of an opponent.
OMFG! that is like your sixth kill with the noob cannon. get a real gun.
by ~|~()|\/| November 27, 2006
A cheap ass weapon favoured by noobs in First Person Shooter games, as it is easy to use and can kill without much effort.

In Delta Force 4 Task Force Dagger, the noob cannon would be the OICW in its semi auto 6 shots per clip grenade launcher mode.
noob with OICW: HahaHAh i PwN u alL u FiCkerS!!!111one
pro using a real gun: Wtf man have you ever fired a real gun besides that noob cannon? No wonder you play GSUS and other CQB maps only.
*the pro aims his M4A1SD*
*the noob's head goes pop*
by DFtfd pwns September 17, 2005
A weapon in most Military First person shooters out in the gaming world that involves no skill or gaming ability to use.
OMG!! I just got n00bed by the noob cannon user!
by TheOutKast June 06, 2005
In Counterstrike it is the auto shotgun, AW/M or AWP (especially in old versions of the game, where you don't have to aim even relatively close to someone to snipe them), it is toned down in newer versions. Even though the AWP is the best weapon in the game you can't ever use it or you will be branded a noob.
-=COPKILLA1=-: OMG that noob fuckin shot me with his noob cannon!!
-=COPKILLA2=-: wat a fuckn noob
-=SenorCAP-A-COP=-: i hate CS
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
a gun that most noobs use and get cheap kills with, like the ppsh in Call of Duty
omg noobs stop using the noob cannon!

Call of Duty: omg russian noobs get a real gun
by michael scullin May 11, 2006
a shitty weapon that is used by kids new to the game that requires no skill to use
Don't use the Fuel Rod Cannon. It is such a nOObcannon
by baconfreak December 15, 2003
Noob cannon Using a auto shoty in any game. Usualy an FPS game. Noob cannon usualy contains no reecoil and blast BB's everywhere. The noob is very unaware, and is ufraid of putting his noob cannon down.
Non Noob: Put down your noob cannon noob..

Noob: The desert eagle is the noob cannon dummy!

Non Noob: what ever floats your boat noob.
by Non noob420 October 25, 2009

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