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The first filtered line of Camel cigarettes. Same cigarette as the unfiltered Camels, just in the 50's when cigarettes were proved to cause cancer, comapanies started to add filters to their cigarettes to filter some of the toxins out of the smoke. It also alowed for a smoother smoke. R.J Reynolds Tobacco just decided to add a filter to the regular Camel cigarette, hence the name 'Camel Filters'.
Underaged kid with no ID: Can i get a pack of Camel Filters?

Idian Cashier with thick indian accent: That will be $5.51

by death5089 May 24, 2008
a car with lowered suspention ususaly used on cars with hydraulics. very popular with Chollos
Chollo #1: Hey ese, you farted in my low rider

Chollo #2: Yeah, but now it's ganster for life homes

Chollo #3: Chinca tu madre, ella es una puta!

Chollo #4: What smells homes?!
by DEATH5089 November 20, 2006
The word Amen is a word used by Muslims and Christians. Muslims used the word first and was pronouced Ameen. after the Christians got a hold of it, it became Amen. Muslims to this day say Ameen, Christians say Amen.

(Ameen and Amen are both said at the end of both the Muslim and Christian version of Grace)
Muslim: In the name of god, most gracious, most merciful, ameen.

Christian:Thank the lord in heaven for this food amen.

by DEATH5089 November 19, 2006
A short sword used by the Romans approx. 44 inches in length. It was used for stabbing but was pretty good for slashing too. The broad triangular tip shows that it was made for stabbing.
these mindless barbarians will be conquered by the Gladius
by DEATH5089 November 21, 2006
Gamer Defeinition: A gun li3x u53d by 73h n00b5 7h47 h45 4 high r473 0f fir3 4nd li3x 1 sh0t xill5.

Regular definition: A gun usualy in FPS used by n00bs to kill enemy players without having to make a large effort or have any skill.

In Call of Duty 2, the Trench gun is known as the n00b cannon
n00b: 0 l00x im soooooooo to41y ub3r pr0. i cud pwn u wi7h my big 7r3nch gun.

n00b kills 5 people without trying...

1337 Ub3r Pr0 dud3: OMFG!!! bunch o n00b 455 gh3ys! 570p u5in t3h fricx3n n00b c4nn0n!!!

(death to all that use the noob cannon)
by death5089 November 11, 2006
an open handed slap with the front of your hand. Opposite of a Pimp Slap which is with the back of your hand.
black lady #1: Girl, don make me bitch slap you outta her!

black lady #2: Oh know you didn't jus say you was gonna bitch slap me!
by DEATH5089 November 21, 2006

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