an old fart. wrinkley skin, and smells of old people.
my grandfathers friend was such a noonoo
by cindy loo August 02, 2006
A Vacuum of Knowledge, A Vortex of Information in the tech World. Female Technician who knows more than most damned men on the planet. Windrivers editing Maestro.

Get to the point, or Get edited by NooNoo
by Rook March 06, 2003
A slang term for the penis
Check out Simon's Noo-Noo, its really small!
by Jono The Great July 16, 2006
A word used to describe downsyndromes.

They're like Marmite you either hate them or love them...
jesus!! That noo-noo's tongue is bigger than a 12oz sirloin steak! Haha look at that There's a yellow bus full of noo-noo's, stop licking the window your acting like a NOO-NOO!
by The King of NooNarnia February 03, 2008
snorting the excess yay after finishing a line
1. can i noo noo that when youre done?
2. you want noo noos?
3. okay you can have that line but i call noo noos!
by naly April 06, 2008
a noo noo is another name for a male appendage that can be used for various things such as...:
Waving out windows.
Slapping on Camillas face.
Doing a 'number 1'
Making Babies.
Sticking in an apple pie
OMFG DUDE that guy just waved his noo noo out the window.
by Bailsey Wailsey July 03, 2006
dumb, stupid, crazy, wack, weird in a nice friendly way
"ugh like steve! ur sucha noo-noo head!
by mskelly August 04, 2003

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