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A nonstopper is a term used to define a person or persons who, for instance, keep attacking one simple for person or persons for hours.

Also known as a faggot.

Also known as a person who has no life.

Also known as a cyber bully.
Terms similar:
Runescape Example:

"Zezima is a pr0 nonstopper." runescape

"Metalmilita9 is a failed nonstopper." truth

"Bro, you can't nonstop for shit."

*hits a player once in Clan Wars, gets nonstopped for life.*

"Player Bil likes lul in his bil."
by AboveAll September 10, 2013
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wheels that when you come to a stop, they just keep on spinning.
Yo dawg, fo shizzle,...deems bitches just keep on trickin foo!
by matt-aka-albino June 08, 2003
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