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Short for non-consensual. Online authors use this term to describe a story that contains non-consensual sex, aka rape. Artists could use the term to describe a picture with these themes, as well.
Warning: This fic is non-con, so if forced sex ain't your thing, please leave now.
by writer005 July 17, 2005
Short for "nonconsensual" in fanfiction, regular fiction, or just in general referring to various kinds of relationship scenarios where one or both of the participants is forced into sex. Generally associated with rape fantasy and highly controversial.
On the whole, relationships in fanfiction are between two consenting individuals, but there is the occasional noncon.
by Zen November 29, 2004
usually pertaining to fanfiction.
"non-con" is short for "non-consensual" sex, making this a nice way to say "rape".
warning: slash, non-con, and other assorted goodies.
by they call me reject October 05, 2005
Non-Con is short for "Non-Consenting", usually describing something sexual in a story. Synonymous with rape.
Warning: This story contains Non-Con, first time, and slash.
by Quidnunc July 25, 2005
A golf ball that does not conform to USGA and/or R&A guidelines for competitive use. This term is derived from the phrase "non-conforming".

Such balls are generally slightly smaller and heavier than ordinary balls approved for tournament play, allowing them to fly farther than their counterparts under comparable conditions.
Dude, did you see little Johnny's tee shot? He just drove the *&^%$# greenside bunker on that 480-yard Par 4!

Check his ball, he must be playing a non-con.
by Par72 July 10, 2010
Non-con means either:

1) rape that leads to love between the rapist and the raped.

2) sex that one of the partners pretends to be against, but actually enjoys a lot!

3) (archaic) among old people, it is synonymous to rape
I read this awesome non-con fanfiction, and the couple was so lovey-dovey after their first time!
by do_dupy May 07, 2011
An individual who consciously goes against what's popular; short for "nonconformist"
"She won't go to the movie theater anymore - she's too much of a noncon."
by Malik Debtran July 03, 2003
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