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For people who don't believe in relationships. Going to football games, dinner, movies, weddings, dancing, and the occasional roll in the hay without actually dating. This will more than likely end up as nothing more than a series of booties calls with no emotional ties.
Since we're non dating; I'll pick you up at 8 for dinner, drinks, movie and a quick late night romp.
by Ash993 October 16, 2008
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Doing date activities with a friend of the opposite sex to avoid actually having to date someone.

To the unaware third party observer the pair looks like they are together.

Similar to "friendzone" but more positive because neither party wants a romantic or sexual relationship.
"I heard you and Jane went to a nice dinner and a concert together, are you two dating?"
"No, she is just a cool girl to hangout with so we are just nondating"
by ActionNoah January 26, 2014
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