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Fear of being away from a mobile phone.
That guy has serious nomophobia.
by S. Dawg March 31, 2008
No-mo-pho-bia (\,nô-mə-`fô-bç-ə\) noun : an exaggerated, inexplicable, and illogical fear being without a mobile device, power source, or service area.

Origin: Dubbed by British experts who claim that state that fifty-three percent of mobile users, with forty-eight percent women and 58 percent of men questioned in their study admitted to experience feelings of anxiety when they run out of a battery or credit, lose their phone, or have no network coverage.
Urban Dictionary usage: “My phone don’t work no mo. I think I have nomophobia”
by Craig St. John March 31, 2008
The fear of being out of mobile phone contact, hence NO MObile phone contact
Guy 1: Want to go camping in the canyon?
Guy 2: No, I have nomophobia
by dragonson04 June 22, 2010
Short for no-mobile-phone phobia, this is the constant fear of not having service and according to researchers in the UK a whopping 50% of people have it. Third world…we apologize.
-"i LITERALLY cant survive without my phone i have Nomophobia the fear of no service or phones!"
by LightningThunda November 03, 2014
Fear of being away from a mobile phone
Sherwyn has a serious case of nomophobia
by ravi001 August 31, 2015
Something most people have nowadays, the fear of losing cell phone service
Guy: So..your point is..?
Guy: Its just your nomophobia talking
by EmmyIsMyMiddleName July 29, 2015
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