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The fear of being out of mobile phone contact, hence NO MObile phone contact
Guy 1: Want to go camping in the canyon?
Guy 2: No, I have nomophobia
by dragonson04 June 22, 2010
There is no rule 11
There is no rule 11
See rule 9
by dragonson04 December 07, 2012
Emoticon for a Monkey, also used for a blank stare or "meh."
Guy 1:What is your Zodiac animal?
Guy 2: 0(-.-)0

Guy 1: What do you think about that?
Guy 2: 0(-.-)0

Girl 1: Do you care about anything!?
Guy 1: 0(-.-)0
by dragonson04 June 10, 2010
Acronym for White Boy Can't Dance.
I was watching some guys in a break dancing competition, and dude, WBCD
by dragonson04 October 23, 2010
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