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Best player to ever play the game of baseball
The shithead wanna be NewEnglanders, the Yankees, got thier asses kicked by NoMahh and the Sox.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
the wiked best playah on the red sox who are gunna win the series this year
Nomah is the best playah on the sox
by Lou November 01, 2003
the greatest playah of all time
Nomah pahked his cah in havahd yahd.
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
The shortstop for the boston red sox
After Nomar Garciaparra hit his third homah of the day the fan exclaimed, "NOMAHHH"
by redonkulous April 22, 2003
1. strange way of pronouncing nomar garciaparra's name
2. crappy baseball player that is pissed off that he almost got traded and doesn't want to play in Boston anymore
yankees better win the world series this year or i'll start saying jorge posahda and a-rahd
by yankees kick ass April 08, 2004
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