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A magical word that, when typed in the email field of a chan post form before posting, returns you directly to the thread you just posted in instead of the thread list.

I use "noko" on /b/ to avoid losing track of my threads.
by y=mx+b April 14, 2009
Noko is a term frequently used by creative people Down Under and in French speaking countries, implying beautiful and functional design.
In French, it is an adjective:
Il est complètement noko ton site!

In English a verb:
tr.v. no·koed, no·ko·ing, no·koes

I nokoed some awesome stuff this morning!
She constantly nokoes amazing work.
When they’re inspired, they noko beautiful objects.
by André Putman October 13, 2011
Ñoko is a person who has no penis or vagina.
Este culero es un ñoko! La tiene plana
by Kevin Brian McFarlane October 13, 2003
An anus face from Monterrey, Mexico who is systematically getting bold and his stupidity duplicates by the day.
Shut the fuck up ñoko!
ñoko eres un puñetas!
by Daniel Gonzalez P. May 16, 2004

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