a lameass, who thinks that just becoz a piece of slang incorporates a name it doesnt mean its proper slang when this is complete bollocks.
that no-namer is really fucking me off, imma piss on his mum
by Eborted March 05, 2005
Top Definition
n. someone who is significantly insignificant; not entirely synonymous with the word randomer, but similar in demeanor.

adj; synonymous with the word insignificant.
"look at that cal-o no namer!"
by Alex March 06, 2005
A sexual act where a man with a large phallus inserts it into another mans less significant phallus. The term no-namer is given because it is too horrific for any known words to describe it.
Dude, Shane Diesel just did a no-namer to an asian man!

Chris: Where's Lannin today?
Daniel: He stayed home 'cause he's still sore from getting no-namered last night.
Chris: By who?
Daniel: Sam.
by Animal Cracker Bill March 04, 2009
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