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An inferior boater that talks trash about other boaters so he can feel better about himself.

A kayaker with body odor and a very small penis. His wife cheats on him and all his boater friends laugh about it.

A gay man from Colorado that uses helicopter parts as a butt plug
Did you see Njord sucking that transvestites dick? Dude he stunk and he had a rotor blade up his ass.
by johnny crankshaft May 10, 2008
12 7
Noun in standardized western writing, meaning "the final remnant of excrement that clings to the posterior anal void after renal evacuation."
Njords happen, and they waste a lot of paper.
by Yousaf Lakshit May 08, 2008
5 3
The noise made by one blowing one's nose, perhaps in the Scandinavian tongue
*man picks up hankey* - "NJORD!"
by egghead January 18, 2004
6 12