1. An adjective synonomous with "extreme."
2. Crazy, very hardcore.
1. That bitch is nizzo nice.
2. That mufukka is going nizzo.
by dubz June 29, 2003
Top Definition
Juggalo term for wang , nut ,balls,dick,etc.
i slaped this bitch up wit my nizzos
by Skit August 02, 2004
A comedic, slang term for the word "no". Created by slapping "izz" in between the letters "n" and "o". Often used as an interjection.
As the car careered dangerously close to the edge of the freeway, the driver yelled "nizzo!", but he was able to pull the vehicle back into control.
by Kaleb.G June 11, 2004
It is rap-lingo for "nigga" or "nigger."
Its origin may be due to radio edits and censorship of certain words.
Gotta say what's up to my nizzo slick rick... for those dat don't like it, eat a dick.
by My nizzo June 18, 2004
A synonym for asshole.
The man's got his hand up my nitty nizzo.
by L'il ignant dago November 08, 2003
Usually an adjective, but can also be used as a noun. It can be used to describe almost anything in any way you want.
What's up, my nizzo. (What are you doing right now, my friend?)

Shit, nizzo, you wack. (Excuse me, Sir, but that was quite phallic of you.)
by Anonymous June 05, 2003
1 part of a 2 word agreement
Fo shizzo ma nizzo!
by Mike January 15, 2004
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