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5 definitions by Skit

quarter pound of marijauna.
Bob shouldn’t have fronted me that qper.
by skit February 24, 2004
Juggalo term for wang , nut ,balls,dick,etc.
i slaped this bitch up wit my nizzos
by Skit August 02, 2004
a universal greeting for Juggalos
Wud Up Juggalos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Skit August 03, 2004
A sub label thats within psychopathic records. Twiztid the creater.
majik majik ninjas what?
by Skit August 03, 2004
The logo for psychopathic records.Was Created and drawn by Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP
Violent J motha fuka psychopathic
by Skit August 03, 2004