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Basically, a moron, an idiot, someone lacking in common sense and has no idea that he/she is one.
You just spilled your drink all over me, ya Nitz.
by Anthony D. July 27, 2004
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To flick someone in the balls.
I just got nitzed and now I can't stand up.
by Bamos September 12, 2005
From the Jewish name, Nitzana. Which means flower.

Source: Undergrads, ep: Identity Crisis.
"Hey flower lady, guy. *slurp*" - Cal
by SomeGuy November 20, 2003
A Bossy show-off who can't stand not being the center of attention, a loudmouth jackass who tries to order people around even through he's not a supervisor
Look at that nitz! always talking loud, trying to show off whenever a supervisor walks by. It's so obnoxious, i was talking to the boss and the nitz comes up and butts into our conversation, when my supervisor asked me a question, this guy answers it and starts raising his voice to keep me from being heard- what a nitz!
by J Savage September 16, 2006
To strongly disagree or reject an idea or an offer in a blantant violent manner conjectured as if one was taking a huge shit.

Yo nigsauce, you wanna hit up the bong tonight before church?




*checkin out a fat bitch* Bro, that chick's sexy as fuck!

Haha, nitz bro, she's FAT AS FUCK!
by Niggo Sauce July 07, 2010
A shortened or slang term for nature
I'm going mountain biking out in the nitz this friday. So, I can get some fresh air as opposed to this city air
by psychopathwolfy September 19, 2009
Socially eccentric behavior
Lets got downtown tonight so
I can get my nitz on!

That kid is a bit of nitz.
by Anonymous August 04, 2003

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