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A word used to describe the most infallible and amazing person ever. Tall. Funny. Beautiful. Loving. Smart. Perfect. Jew. The most hilarious girl you will ever meet. Her purpose in life seems to be to make everyone laugh. Her presence brightens the mood no matter where a person is. She is always grammar conscious and will not go a day without correcting someone's use of a word. A Nitzan (if you ever meet one) will affect your life in some way, shape, or form. Although her quirks may be strange at first, nothing in the whole entire world could ever compare to this "Nitzan."
Wow, look at how tall she is, she must be a Nitzan.
"It's they're not their," Nitzan.
She is so funny I can't stand it, she has to be a Nitzan.
by moxie21 December 08, 2010
unusually large blunt, usually laced with pcp
Dude, I smoked that nitzan all night long.
by Naomi McKenn August 31, 2008
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