something that is the shit
Man that girl Sara is nitro.
by cutie pie patel June 17, 2007
A car made by Dogde that suck more ass than any car ever made.
"We almost died in Angel Fire, NM when that shitty tire blew out on the nitro."
by DancerWonderful75 February 17, 2009
An Australian gamer that is well connected within the gaming community with teams such as SydneyUnderground and the GotGames community. He is also known by the name of Reg Torr.
Nitro is well known...
by Sohail Mirzas October 22, 2008
short for nitroglycerin, a chemical used in explosives and medicines. also seen in "crash bandicoot" video games in the form of green boxes that explode on contact, causing you to lose a life.
they blew up the school with nitro.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
(explosion of fury or an act of craziness)
did u see that girl ? she was nitro !!
by nicholas petersen January 17, 2008
Its what the NHRA uses in their funny cars and dragsters
CH3NO2 is about $45 a gallon and these nuclear thunderstormers burn 12 gallons in 4.75 seconds
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) April 14, 2003
add an extra thrust to a vehicle, by supplying a small shot nitro fuel to the engine.
a nitro later I broke almost all my ribs.
by Gunkglumb June 06, 2005

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