A person who is a combination of a nigga and a bitch
Ashley can be such a nitch sometimes!
by fiSTicUFfs June 26, 2005
A black witch, a necromancer, a darksider.
The Soviets convinced the free world that they no longer existed and continued their anti-freedom operations using their nitches.
by theexorcist January 11, 2010
Basically, a nice bitch. Always a girl. Usually come in groups of three girls who are best friends. Have an opinion about everybody, and though these opinions might be spiteful, they're almost always right. These girls usually exist within a slightly larger group of seven or eight teenage girls. Though they co-exist with these other girls, none of them make it into their small circle. These girls are the most fun to have around. One or more of them has a severe problem with using curse words, and they come out as easily as any other. One of the three mat also have a drinking problem. This girl is the one you ned to watch out for; she's the most entertaining of the three, but will destroy you without a second thought if you even think about hurting her or the other two Nitches. These three create an elite team that are a force of nature. You've been warned.
Friend 1: "Hey, could I come to the sleepover too?"
Nitch 1: "Sorry, my sleepovers have a maximum occupancy of 3."
Friend 1: "Them plus me equals 3."
Nitch 1: "The 3 includes me."
Friend 1: "Oh."
Nitch 2: "Come on, let's go."
Nitch 3: "Yeah, let's go somewhere that's actually fun."
Nitch 1: "Yeah, somewhere fun."
Friend 1: "Bye then."
by Doctor Babyhead June 11, 2008
"nitch" means "pfft" ..like someone is bullshitting t0 u or you dont quite agree with something being said .
Q.why u awake so early,u said the bed?!

A. Nitch !!
by JaNeLLe H February 23, 2009
a nickname for Nico
jow nitch what's up
by -NiTcH- October 04, 2008
its a combination of things said and done but with an elegance. Style, thing or the way one roll.
what! motley pattern pants.. no no no.. no its not my nitch
by diesel_316 January 08, 2009
the combination of the words nigger and bitch
James your such a nitch!
by dunzo August 04, 2005

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