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Word used to class people with an alternative taste in music (HIM, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Zeromancer and the like) and an alternative taste in casual/smart attire. (Duffs, Quiksilver, O'Neill, Vans, Etnies erc) It is commmonly used as an insult by trendies,chavs,scallies and hard-knocks, from which most 'greebos' can give suitably scathing comebacks.

'Greebos' very often wear loose fitting trousers (preferably jeans) or branded 3/4 lengths of the brands named above and can almost always been seen in a t-shirt/shirt with an amusing quote on the front, or a band name. Female 'greebos' can often be seen wearing stripy socks, fishnet gloves, clothes with rainbow patterns and other striped items of casual wear. Many 'greebos' also like to skateboard and enjoy taking part in many other extreme sports.
Scallie/Chav/Townie/Hard-knock : Yo ma homies. Der is a dirty greebow down dere innit. Lets jump da fucka.

Greebo : Well I'll just be moving out the way then won't I. Dirty greaseballs...
by Spam August 03, 2004
Up The Bum No Babies. Fucking a bird up the arse with the aim of not procreating. AKA Cornish Contraception.
I may be wrong, and this is based on pure speculation and not any hard facts, but I bet she takes it UTBNB.
by Spam October 12, 2003
Background: A form of criticizing vis a vis video games by one (or more) person (or persons) that claim to or have greater knowledge of the video game then those playing.

Defintion: To be a complete ass to people who are trying to play a video game in peace.
People are playing a video game in peace. You walk in, and you belittle everything they are doing and how you would do it is the better and correct way of course.
by SPAM March 13, 2005
what you say when your shit just wont come out
"oh fuck...baloobaboo *plunk*"
by spam April 10, 2003
Person who falls asleep.
Normally at random points during lans.
Oh look Wampy has fallen asleep again!
by Spam March 27, 2004
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