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A 43 year old, obese, friendless, talentless individual. When not burger flipping, it's IRC time! Likes to continually drone on about how Doom 3 got released and where those Counterstrike screenshot's originated.

Whilst still residing in his parents house, the sad realization for a nirv is that their life amounts to nothing hence their commitment to spend the remainder of their life hanging around on IRC.

Also a sad fact is how nirv's have incredibly small genitalia, which is also reflected in their woefully inadequate computer hardware.

Being a nirv sure does suck :(

Peter: "How are things Bob?"
Bob: "I've hit rock bottom, I've hit the nirv".
Peter: "Bummer Bob".
by invr October 02, 2007
Professional gamer, and sexiest man alive.
Also rumored to have a huge cock.
You could find one such as this at irc.enterthegame.com #themercs
by Vrin March 30, 2005