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The origin of the phrase "Pardon my French" because of its odd sounding pronounciation. Phoque-prounced Fhawk, means seal in French. The pronounciation sounds like a similar word used by today's kids and therefore when asking for forgiveness after a bad word is said, the statement "Pardon my French" can be used to alleviate the tension.
Man: "Phoque you"
Girl "How dare you?"
Man: "Ooops, pardon my French. I meant seal."
by David the Hispanic April 24, 2006
French for 'seal'. Commonly used by giggling ten-year-olds in french classes because of its interesting pronounciation.
Ten-year-old1: phoque you!
Ten-year-old2: lol u sayd seal
by Kanthia January 02, 2006
Derived from the French word: Seal (the aquatic mammal)
The use of a towel, clothing, or a combination of the two to create a seal around the bottom of a doorway or a vent so smoke/smell does not escape from the room.
"Lay down that phoque"
"Phoque the door"
"Use that towel as a phoque"
by Richard T K April 14, 2008
fuck for people who use hooked on phonics
Phoque you! WTPh?
by akjon October 27, 2003
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