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Nipple is actually referred to a mouse substitute on a laptop computer that sticks out between the letters "b" "g" and "h" on the keyboard
"Hey, dude, where's your mouse?"

"I left it at home, just use the nipple"
by Ross April 01, 2005
1353 882
A li'l nublet of flesh that is potentially stimulating when nibbled upon or pinched lightly.
Ooh, baby, your nipples are so erogenous. Allow me to pinch or nibble them, please.
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 15, 2003
813 432
the things in the middle of some ones boobies, that become hard when stimulated. and are really hot when are sticking out of some one's shirt.
man, did you see that girls nipples showing through her shirt?!
by Snapshot ATX September 28, 2005
674 309
its at the end of my boobs
get off my nipples
by IM A GIRL WHO IS RAPED July 27, 2003
888 546
The part of the tits that make my pants move. The pointing part generally found in the center. Hopefully they are not huge and brown stained.
Sometimes I rub my tallywacker on my girlfriends nipples the I give her a mushroom tattoo.
by bt February 20, 2003
675 448
The one part on a woman's breast that is forbidden from exposing in American public for fear that it will damage childrens minds forevor once exposed. Men can show their nipples but women go to jail for showing theirs.
Officer: "Young lady, I'm afraid you're under arrest for indecent exposure"

Lady: "What?"

Officer: "You're showing your nipple"
by NipplesForevor January 02, 2009
335 122
beautiful beautiful things
i like nipples, i like em a lot
by tkoester June 16, 2007
357 200