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1. One who stands tall against both the winds of reason and the tide of change. 2. A phallic icon composing of three large boulders composed of sandstone and granite.
Despite the clear facts that China has a weak navy he pulled a ninning and decried that "Communism will always prevail".
The villagers built the large ninning so that the boys may become men.
by Robert Yelmer April 13, 2004
A craaazy jive fool who believes in a violent overthrow of the nation and to instate a Communistic government under his authority.
Today was Ninning's Day of Defeat, however he will Die Another Day.
by The Anti-Sentinel June 08, 2004
A hermit from the countryside of China. A violent communist, will proclaim his love for Mao. Anti-free Taiwan. Hopes for reunification of China and Taiwan.
Man he is such a Ninning
by cn4eva April 12, 2004