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The name of an angel trainee in the game os "Disgaea" for the playstation two. She has a very optimistic and ditzy demenor, which annoys most demons in the underworld where she currently resides as a fallen angel.
"Do you have flowers in your head or something?"
"Yes, I love flowers!"
by Tom Pascal May 08, 2005
7 Words related to Flonne
1. Love freak.
2. A character from the PS2 game Disgaea, she is an angel from Celestia and a love freak.
1. That chick's a total flonne! I've seen her try to hug a bee and get stung!

2. Flonne is good with a bow, but even better with a *gets dragged off* Hey! I wasn't done! She's good with a d*end*
by otherhand May 25, 2005
Flonne is a Trainee Angel sent by Seraph to assassinate King Krichevskoy but apparently he has been dead for two years
by Jason M. October 14, 2003

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