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The Act Of Shop Lifting Or Doing Something Very Ninja Like.
Guy1 "hey what you up to?"
Guy2 "not much just going ninjaing"
Guy1 "oh ok cool could u get me a mars bar?"
by ParasiticVampyric March 03, 2009
basically doing everything a ninja (killing sneaking around taking out pirates the usual) does without being seen or heard
d00d I was having so much fun ninjaing yesterday I took out three guards with no problems
by the true ninja August 28, 2006
To ninja;To show talent of a ninja;
To use a large amount of ninjaness
Did you see that guy, he was totally ninja-ing
by Badwick Tsuraide May 05, 2006
Sneaking out of a party/bar without saying goodbye, unnoticed, like a ninja.
"Hey, where'd you go last night?"
"Aw man, I was starting to feel the shots so I had to ninja"

"Where'd your friend go?"
"Oh, probs home. She's bad about ninjaing"
by kylzzville December 05, 2013