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an okapi is the short necked relative of a giraffe. It is dark brown and has striped legs like a zebra. the okapi can clean its ears with its tongue. it lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly know as Zaire. The okapi is on the endangered species list.
kid1: hey what is that animal?

kid2: that's an okapi.
kid1: you sure, it looks like a giraffe mated with a zebra.
by west&carver January 16, 2010
the definition for ninja can not be found. we are not sorry for the inconvenience.
no ninjas here
by west&carver November 27, 2010
He is the sexy character from the movie "Lorna Doone." He is a hotheaded murderer who wants to marry Lorna for her inheritance. He is WAY hotter than Lorna's love interest, John Ridd. Carver is the leader of a band/family of theives and murderers, the Doone's. The Doone's were kicked off their land and forced to move to a valley in Exmoor. Carver is drop dead sexy, even when he shoots Lorna, but she still lives, and drowns himself in a bog. Carver is played by Aidan Gillen.
ohmygod, he looks just like Carver Doone.
by west&carver January 13, 2010

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