To ninja;To show talent of a ninja;
To use a large amount of ninjaness
Did you see that guy, he was totally ninja-ing
by Badwick Tsuraide May 05, 2006
Top Definition
basically doing everything a ninja (killing sneaking around taking out pirates the usual) does without being seen or heard
d00d I was having so much fun ninjaing yesterday I took out three guards with no problems
by the true ninja August 28, 2006
The Act Of Shop Lifting Or Doing Something Very Ninja Like.
Guy1 "hey what you up to?"
Guy2 "not much just going ninjaing"
Guy1 "oh ok cool could u get me a mars bar?"
by ParasiticVampyric March 03, 2009
Sneaking out of a party/bar without saying goodbye, unnoticed, like a ninja.
"Hey, where'd you go last night?"
"Aw man, I was starting to feel the shots so I had to ninja"

"Where'd your friend go?"
"Oh, probs home. She's bad about ninjaing"
by kylzzville December 05, 2013
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