Basically a "silent but deadly" fart. These characteristics describe a ninja. Silent and deadly...
Alex: Okay, what the hell is that smell and where did it come from?!
Jake: Somebody just had a bad ninja fart!
by Flubber Womp December 07, 2010
Top Definition
The act of releasing a totally disgusting and gross fart without a sound. Hence the term, silent but deadly!
While watching TV, Carol cut a ninja fart that grossed out her boyfriend. Since there was no sound, she was able to blame the dog! Her boyfriend almost puked and the dog ran away!
by mdguy September 16, 2006
Silent, butt supremely smelly flatulence.
I love to release my ninja farts when I am standing on the diving board before a dive. It really fucks up the next competitor.

I also love to release my ninja farts while getting my salad tossed by a male prostitute.
by Gregg Loogyanus November 28, 2006
A silent fart that someone sneeeeeks in after someone else has a noisy fart, so that everyone thinks the stink belongs to the first asshole.
Innocent Bystander: Ewww Kate, that fart is rank.
Kate: Nah, that's Dani's ninja fart. She been stinkin it up all day, cuza dat nasty hamachi she be eatin.
Dani: Eh, heh heh. You caught my ninja.
Innocent Bystander: Ew Dani. Not cool.
by D.Ella Hughley June 21, 2010
1) when you are on Skype (or other voice chat services) and hit mute before letting one blow.
2) one of many random secondlife POP gesturbations
Bro, I just ninja farted.

<3 Ninja Fart Pop <3
by xbettyx March 28, 2010
The act of putting your hand over your butt, farting into your hand, closing your and entrapping the fart, and then throwing it into some one elses face like a ninja throws a star.
Samantha ninja farted Courtney!
by coop4870 July 03, 2010
To fart without hearing or feeling it. Often occurs when the person needs to use the bathroom to take a #2.
I was lying in bed under my covers and my ninja fart almost made me sick!
by Vandalier January 16, 2012
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