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A disagreeing way to say yes.
A: How about no
B: How about nine
by sj0r April 27, 2003
The males genital parts
his nine is tiny
by Dom February 19, 2003
Close friends, 5-4 is how NINES greet each other.

Used by groups Remnant, New Breed, Tunnel Rats.
Aint nuttin new to me, step with my NINES every time and opportunity I get, keep a new breed cassette in the deck cuz only true MC move me with inner che energy like Bruce lee, my rep is to brutally reck, cute MC that steps,
they usually get swept in sets of two or three

- Drastic, "The Knack", Underground Rise
by sphereofhiphop.com October 30, 2004
the kid who aint cut
by nine September 28, 2003