a nine millimeter gun
Ill Pop Your Top Off With The Nine.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
the number after eight and before ten in the americal numeral system
anyone who uses "nine" as in the 9mm pistol is a fucker, and is 9 times as wrong as if they were a taker.
by Scott March 25, 2005
(1) The damn number that comes after eight, yet before ten.

(2) The not was well known, failed, system of measurement before the metric system.

I'm about to bury my foot nine inches into your ass.
by Stud McManly June 01, 2007
Universally recognised as the best number in the world, used to express something or someone's brilliance, but can also be used to describe a complete twat
Paul and I went to Paris last week, the Eiffel tower is a massive 9 in real life.

FFS have you seen that guy Mac over there trying to be cool with his balding head, he's such a massive fucking nine.
by TomGood March 29, 2015
A nine is someone who defines. Nines walk the line, are usually on time, and love to rhyme.
Nine: Dayum girl, you lookin fine. Dressed to the nines, I wanna make you all mine.
Two: Aww thanks honeybun, you're too much fun.
by Love potion number nine November 19, 2008
Used to say when there is a lot of something or something is very far away.
"No, we don't have time, it's like NINE away!"
"Look at all those songs... You have like NINE!"
"I'm not gonna wait for like NINE!"
by Justin & MP October 07, 2007
Nines is a uk rapper from church road london NW10 who in infamous for spending & wasting money in video's

The rapper has released 3 mixtape's all Free of charge & is rumoured to be in negotiations with record label virgin EMi
Nines shut down JD
by Boss kids June 17, 2014
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