Nana I'd like to fuck.
Dude, your tia carmella is one fine ass ole' nilf. You've got to tell her to come over and cook some chorizo so I can tax that taco.
by 123notit September 02, 2012
Newfie I'd Like To Fuck
Timmy: Did you see Alexandra yesterday
John: Yeah, she is one NILF
by I Love Ghetto Booty October 30, 2008
When I was in the ER last night, I wanted to bang that NILF...shoot.
Nerd I'd Like to Fuck. Nilfs are often extremely attractive human beings, often being known for having e.s.p., and also for just being better than everyone else.
Yo playa, Julia and Cody sure are nilfs... shiiiittt just look at them!!!
by Nilf January 06, 2007
Nothing I'd Like to Fuck

literally. plain and simple. in a room, in a bar, in a strip club, in a whole town even, eg. Bremerton, Tulsa. or a whole country. you can fill in the blank there.

thanks to a friend for thinking of this one.

complete opposite of milf or any ilf object of desire.
walkin' into the club, we saw NILF and dug out for some better action elsewhere.

that strip club had NILF in it so we bailed. the hottest thing in the place were the crabs in her crotch.
by battabatta April 24, 2011
Nigga I'd Like (to) Fuck
Damn, nilf.
by niggerrr n crakerr jack August 10, 2009
nurse i'd like to fuck
same as mother but with a bangable nurse
holy shit she's a NILF!
patient: I think your a proper NILF.
Nurse: What?
Patient: Nurse id like to ....
Nurse: ...fuck
patient: yeah.
by stallwood123 March 14, 2008
Nanny I'd like to fuck.

see also NILN
Can you believe that gal the Beckham's hired to watch their kids?

Oh Pair, what a NILF!
by quacky December 08, 2005

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