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meaning mist, fog, or dew in Sanskrit; relates well with those who he is compatible with, especially relating to love; is incredibly intelligent and genuinely caring; without a doubt the sweetest person who ever lived.
Nihar Gandhi :)
#sweet #cute #amazing #incredible #awesome
by ilovenihar February 01, 2009
a person who has no specific friends; this person will move from group to group trying to be friends with everybody, but at the end will be shunned. these people also can't have a favorite team as they will keep band-wagoning to other teams.
I'm tired of seeing nihars in my school, they should just stick to one friend group and have only one favorite team!
#bandwagon #friendless #team #tryhard #school
by betaji123 December 01, 2014
Indian slang for a big head.
Look at his nihar, its as big as the rocky mountains.
#nihar #forehead #big #indian #head
by Shariq M. October 05, 2008
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