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word used to describe unreal black athletes, or dumb fucking black idiots (said after statement is made)
damn d-wade just balled tonight, nigsssss

what is wrong with these idiots, nigsssss
by ejz August 23, 2006
37 27
A shortened form of the ancient english word "nigger".
Jerome new he was a nig since birth.
by Joe April 21, 2004
2640 602
A shorter version of the word "nigger".
Hey nig, why don't you smile so I can see you.
by Eric April 11, 2005
1955 535
- an unfortunate event, being screwed over

getting screwed over = getting nigged

screwing somebody over = nigging them

the screw over itself = nig

particularly when someone has found something that benefits them in some way, and another manages to take the benefits for himself
I found a penny on the ground, you took it, you nigged me.
I need a cigarette, mind if I nig your last smoke?
by York March 28, 2004
933 563
n. less offensive, shorter version of nigger.
v. to jack; twart.
1. What's up nig?
2. Yeah, I told your little sister to nig you during the concert.
by Blasphemer_0 February 06, 2005
542 281
A derogatory term originating from the word nigger.

n. label of a cheap, dishonest, or traitorous person, or a person of any race who acts in ways in which characterize the African-American steriotype.

v. to cheat, back-stabb, or screw over.
Fisher is so nig that he collects gas money even though his dad pays for it.

That kid with the spoke rims is so nig.

Fisher just nigged me out of ten bucks
by O'Doyle March 21, 2005
493 243
Shortened version of nigger.
1. What's up my nig?
2. What it do my nig?
by Jade Grey May 16, 2005
384 197
Nig- a midget black person
"Dude i just saw a nig run through my kitchen"
by D-loc April 21, 2005
472 312