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A black African American (nigga/nigger) acting ignorant.
Nigga please, u iz actin' real nignant lately.
by Pavelski8 October 04, 2007
A unique brand of ignorance usually, but not only pertaining to black people. Behavior which includes terrible, or possibly lazy patterns in speech and grammar, generally belligerent and reckless behavior, sometimes to the point where one is a danger to others due to pure stupidity.

Derived from the slang form of ignorant, "ignant".
Adam "Pacman" Jones is very nignant.
Jamarcus Russell is one dumb, nignant, son of a bitch.

Did you see the way Pete nignantly toted that glock at the party?
by Kool G Spot December 13, 2010
adj. Describing someone who is black and ignorant. See also Wignant.
Tom: Gosh, I can't believe OJ was acquitted.
Jerome: Sheeeit, Wut you talkin bout? He didnt do shit.
Tom: Geez, you're so nignant.
by ilovestereotypes August 22, 2008
a word to describe ignorant white people acting like niggas.
Damn that cracka Eminem is so nignant.
by TheOGMacNiggaBoB March 01, 2008
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