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One who lurks around in chat rooms who is actually a teenager, but by bad luck chose a name that makes him/her seem like a pedophile to the rest of the room and ends up getting kicked out.
Night jackal has entered the room!
Night jackal: Hey guys!
Night jackal has been booted from the room.
by greenday2011 November 15, 2009
A name, verb, or exclamatory phrase used to denote someone or some action that qualifies as a creeper or stalker and is usually a pedophile. The term is believed to have originated from a real-life stalker-creeper who called himself the "Night Jackal" for a user name on the Internet, was caught masturbating at a local theater in the middle of a Jonas Brothers movie, and is now something of a local celebrity.
Person: Dude, you know that Rahul kid? I heard he invited a group of child trick-or-treaters inside his house and locked the door and chased them around.

Person 2: Oh man! What a night jackal!
by Iamthetalonsofthenight November 15, 2009
A chronic masturbator who is ashamed of his/her habit. A night jackal will go to great lengths to keep his/her habit a secret.
Rahul has become the night jackal by jerking off in the crawl space of his basement. His sneakiness has allowed him to keep his habit a secret from everyone.
by 4th Best Master Debater December 04, 2010
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