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Nigger + faggot = niggot
Racist slur for gay African Americans, or an insult for African Americans in general (calling them niggers, and homosexuals).
The only niggot around here is you my friend.
Did you guys see that niggot on American Idol?
I don't go to school, too many niggots around.
by Ranter December 11, 2005
noun: a ni66ah that's also at the same time a faggot.
I went to the gay bar the other night and saw a bunch of niggots
by dh0va June 12, 2010
You have a nigger, and he's a save a few keystrokes and use the niggot. It has a certain ring to it, which should appeal to the gay crowd. They can own that term.
Look at that niggot strutting down the boulevard in he purple shirt and he tight leather pants. Boy, he sho' be gay.
by RedRuffinSore May 27, 2016
A black person who is a biggot.

Dam that nigga is a cracker-hatin' biggot....aka....niggot
by Coolcandy September 27, 2013
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