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3 definitions by Ranter

Racist slur for Native Americans. Derived from the inference that "all" Native Americans drink "Lysterine", and "Lysole"
That chug is wasting his life.
That chug drinks Lysterine.
A chug stole my car.
by Ranter January 17, 2005
Nigger + faggot = niggot
Racist slur for gay African Americans, or an insult for African Americans in general (calling them niggers, and homosexuals).
The only niggot around here is you my friend.
Did you guys see that niggot on American Idol?
I don't go to school, too many niggots around.
by Ranter December 11, 2005
the top boi race dont people want to be
u no those 'mix race' people i want to be them
by ranter November 07, 2004