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To do a task anything the way a black man nigger would.
To describe the way a black man would be, or do something.
Asian Crip 1; "Ayyo, that fool shot that gun niggly!"
Asian Crip 2; "Man, I wish I could be as niggly as he is."
by nazi_nation July 05, 2011
Slightly annoying or irritating.
He'd had a niggly pain in his arm ever since she wacked him with the rolling pin.
by Tess Smith June 05, 2005
Australian descriptive term for irritable or bad-tempered.
'Leave him alone, mate, he's a bit niggly this morning."
by K-No January 12, 2005
To do something in a way a nigger would.

Person 1: Dayum that white boy runs niggly fast.
Person 2: Yeah man he's the captain of the track team.


Person 1: Dude, you know that guy Big-Wumpa?
Person 2: Yeah why?
Person 1: I hear he's niggly at pokemanz.
Person 2: Yeah I heard he went 6-0 against Ass Ketchup.
Person 1: Wow skill.
Person 2: Indeed
by Tittiesgoboing April 15, 2010
A black person who steals cars.
"Damn that niggly!"
by Fo Rizzle March 04, 2004