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When a popular non-Rap/R&B song is turned into one with nerve grating results.
"Every Breath You Take" by The Police is a modern classic, but when P. Diddy niggerfied it, it became unlistenable shit. Add Luther Vandross' rendition of "Superstar" to this list too.
by D. Arse February 07, 2005
The butchering of iconic songs by niggers, due to their complete inability to sing more then two notes without making that fucking gorilla-like undulation.
Did you hear how that bitch tried to "niggerfy" the national anthem..... and the hoOoOmeEe of the braAaAvEeEe?

I know, I couldn't tell if she was singing or having a goddamn seizure!
by docisinthehouse June 14, 2011
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