when black people act in a way that is not appropiate in a specific place, for example: sucking on ur teeth in a job interview or bowling (limping) so hard everyone turns to look...
mandem "why u so niggeried bruv? this is the 21st century?"

niggerfied bredda " u forgot ma people were slaves? i'm jus letting people know im black, u hear me?

mandem "we are all black out here bruv, cause ur ancestors were slaves dont mean u have to rob n steal to eat, get a job!"
by sammysam October 23, 2006
Top Definition
The act of transforming something that was made for white people into something that is desirable for niggers (and consequently into something that is less desirable for white people).
"Look theres an Escalade....it WOULD be cool but it has spinners and is playing rap and chrome every where.....god that is so niggerfied!"
by Jermzski July 23, 2006
To become a nigger
Carlo: Oh hi there Mica i just came back from africa..
Mica: wtf carlo why is your skin ...black? Have you been niggerfied..?!
Carlo: oh shit..
by CARLOMAN February 24, 2009
To get a really dark tan or extremely sunburnt
hahah you got niggerfied
by Anonymous March 12, 2005
becoming like a Nigger; examples include, sagging pants, repeated usage of the word bitch, and constant smacking of various ho's.
That white guy listens to lil' wayne, he must have been Niggerfied at birth.
by Erjoto December 29, 2010
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