niggered up (adjective); nigger it up (verb) ; a condition in which something that would normally look just fine now looks not so nice usually because of unnecessary additions or messiness
Mom: Our house looked beautiful until Anthony got it all niggered up with all of his cords and shit.

Me: Yeah I know, he always has to nigger it up with all kinds of stuff.
by I'mAllNiggeredUp January 22, 2012
Top Definition
To accesorize something like a negro would, to add bling bling to something
Look at that rims on that niggered up car
by mcgoon July 23, 2006
1: to get frustrated; to get mad and yell

2: bling blang; to get bling
1- Guy 1: Whats wrong with that guy? Why's he yelling?

Guy 2: He just found out his girlfriend is cheating on him. He's niggered up

2- Guy 1: Whats with all the ice?

Guy 2: I just got niggered up.
by Ukwtakun September 11, 2010
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